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DeWitt Police Foundation

Through a partnership with the DeWitt Police Department, a non-profit foundation has been established to promote crime prevention, public safety and education in the DeWitt area. The DeWitt Police Foundation will work to promote quality of life in DeWitt by providing a charitable organization that can fund public safety initiatives that tax dollars may not always be able to, such as: College scholarships for high school graduates planning on majoring in Criminal Justice,Child education and safety materials and supplies,Citizen Police Academy,National Night Out,Safety equipment like bulletproof vests and defibrillators,Crime prevention programs,Initiatives that will reduce crime and improve the quality of life in DeWitt.

The DeWitt Police Foundation Board of Directors consists of the following community members:

  • David Pillers (President),
  • Don Thiltgen (Vice-President),
  • JoElla O'Connell (Secretary),
  • Tim Gradert (Treasurer),
  • Gary Rippentrop
  • Darwin Kilburg
  • Kevin Smith
  • Chief of Police serves as a non-voting advisor to the board.

The DeWitt Police Foundation will be under the umbrella of the DeWitt Area Foundation. Gifts to the Police Foundation will be tax deductible.

The DeWitt Police Foundation Board awarded several

college scholarships in the amount of $500.00 each year to Central-DeWitt High School graduates:

Additionally, the Foundation has provided funds for the following purposes:

  •  AED (defibrillator)
  •  Gun Safe
  •  Donation to Clinton Co. Sheriff's K-9 Program
  •  National Night Out funding
  • Start up expenses for the Police Explorers Program
  • Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force


DEWITT POLICE FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP $500 Scholarship PURPOSE: To aid a qualified graduate of Central Community High School (DeWitt), who is planning to continue his/her education. STIPEND:A scholarship of $500.00 will be remitted to the educational institution at time of registration. ELIGIBILITY:Students applying for this scholarship shall have a desire to pursue a post high school education in Criminal Justice or a similar degree program. This applications is opened to ALL High School & College Students, however priority will be given to High School Seniors. Scholarship expires within the calendar year. DEADLINE April 1, 2015. Applications may be picked up at the DeWitt Police Department, High School Guidance Counselor’s Office or available online at -Return applications to the High School Guidance Counselor’s office or mail to the DeWitt Police Foundation (606 9th Street, DeWitt, Iowa 52742) by April 1, 2015.       APPLICATION - You may attach additional information and narratives as apply.Name:______________________ Age:________ Address:_________________________________ Parent/Guardian: ____________________________

Cumulative Grade Point:________ Class Rank:____________

In a word document, describe the post high school training you are planning. Are you enrolled now? Name of the institution: How do you plan to apply your training or education to your chosen career?   For what reasons do you feel you should be considered for this scholarship?  Please list the activities in which you have been involved during high school related to this field.  Please list all other extra-curricular and community service activities in which you have been involved during high school. Please return this completed application along with the  three letters of recommendation from the following sources: 

1. Counselor                                                                                         

2. Instructor                                                                       

3. Administrator                                                                                       

4. Non-family member

Questions may be directed to